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            企業 | 聯系我們 | 阿里巴巴誠信通



            Editor: Zhanjiang Xinnuo Beverage Equipment Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.


            Editing date: 2022-09-29


            ▌蒞臨公司  Visiting Company:


                    On the afternoon of September 29,2022, the deputy director-general of the Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Zhang Guangqiang, and the deputy director-general of the Poto District Bureau of Science, Industry and trade, Liang Qixiong, visited Zhanjiang Xinnuo Beverage Equipment Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. to investigate the prevention and control of the epidemic, at the same time I enterprise import and export business for in-depth understanding and for enterprises to send preferential policies. They listen to the voice of the enterprise, help the enterprise better and faster development, for the enterprise to establish a firm confidence, stable business growth, and work together to tide over difficulties.